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Hi! We're RunKit and we've put together a couple ideas on how you might use our embed feature in the node website redesign initiative. We've created some prototypes so you can play around and get a better idea of what we've been thinking about. We're super passionate about bringing documentation to life and are really excited about these possibilities!

Live Documentation - Live Demo Link

Before diving into the dedicated "Getting Started" page, we wanted to share our belief that every page has the opportunity to get a user experimenting with node. Partially inspired by Josh Ashkanas' work on Literate Programming as well as Brett Victor's famous talks, we fundamentally believe that any "dead" snippet of code is a lost opportunity. In this demo we've taken the existing markdown files that comprise the node documentation and made the substantial code samples first class citizens – meant to be interacted with directly to really see if one understands the concepts.

Live Documentation Concept
Every Page Can Be a Get Started Page

Getting Started - Live Demo Link

Our main goal with the "Getting Started" page we're presenting is that we try to specifically focus on what differentiates Node from other platforms, that way new users can quickly understand why they'd want to use Node instead of merely how to use Node. Additionally, we try to paint Node in the broad strokes it represents, offering explanations for its various use cases beyond just serving webpages -- all this while still maintaining interactivity.

Getting Started Concept
Dedicated Lessons That Focus on What Differentiates Node

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